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DJ Shawn  – Your “Experienced 80s DJ/MC Entertainer”

If your looking for a “Totally Awesome 80s DJ” for a 80s Party Event, 80s Wedding, 80s Night Club or Broadcast Radio then look no further because I’m your 80s DJ! I’ve been providing TOTALLY AWESOME 80s DJ Entertainment for over 28 years. Experience Matters!

DJ Shawn is the ULTIMATE 80′s DJ! My DJ career started in 1984 in Glendale California at a teen club called “Network 1″. Throughout the eighties I was the resident DJ Entertainer for many Night Clubs throughout Los Angeles (Hollywood), San Fernando Valley and Orange County as well as working in broadcast radio at “KROQ FM 106.7″. LEARN MORE ABOUT 80′s DJ Shawn

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DJ Shawn’s experience gives you a “TOTALLY AWESOME 80’s DJ Entertainment Party Experience”!

Please be sure to explore this Totally Awesome 80’s website. Learn more about “MY EXPERIENCE” and why I’m the ultimate 80s DJ Entertainer. Check out “Client Videos” to see how I provided my clients with a incredible 1980s party celebration. Listen and dance to some of my “80’s Mega Dance MixTapes”. Test your knowledge with some “80’s Trivia” and get some “80’s Party Ideas” for your next 80s event.

My calendar fills quickly so be sure to BOOK ME as your 80’s DJ before someone else dose.

THE 1980′s

THE DECADE: The 80′s was a great decade to be young, wild and free to experiment with 80’s fashion and 80’s music trends. Some people may express that the 1980′s was the decade more commonly known as, “The Time that Fashion Forgot.” Movies in the 80′s had simple plots and were so much fun to watch. The soundtracks that accompanied these movies became wildly popular, songs from movies like Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and Weird Science dominated the radio airwaves.

THE AIRWAVES: The media such as MTV and radio stations like 91X in San Diego and KROQ 106.7 FM Pasadena and then Burbank among many other were exploding with this new style of 80’s music and marketing it to the public. I witnessed this first hand during my years at KROQ 106.7 FM in the mid 80’s. It was AWESOME!

KROQ 106.7 FM: While at KROQ I had the enormous pleasure of working with and interviewing such artists as Oingo Boingo, OMD, B-52’s, Erasure, Duran Duran, INXS, Missing Persons, The Cure, Devo and Depeche Mode. I remember the two main common interests they all had was the excitement of experimenting with new sounds in music and the ever-evolving risks they could take with fashion at the time.

NIGHT CLUBS: Night clubs were exploding in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley. Night clubs such as ” 7 Seas, Phazes, Oddessy, Florentine Gardens, Club 321, HOT TRAXX, Club Hollywood, The Palace, Network 1 and Marilyn’s Backstreet in Pasadena. 

80’s DJs including myself were going absolutely crazy spinning and experimenting with this new emerging dance club music trend. Club goers were busy experimenting with fashion, attitude and new style of dance moves. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

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