Music Charts

Decade of 80s Music Charts

80s Music Charts is a of ranking of recorded music according to popularity during a given period of time. Examples of music charts are the Hit parade, Hot 100 or Top 40.

Music Charts use a different criteria in different music charts, including sales of records, cassettes and compact discs, the amount of radio airplay, and the number of downloads.

Some music charts are specific to a particular musical genre and most to a particular geographical. The summary of music charts for years and decades are then calculated from their component of weekly charts. Component of music charts have become an increasingly important way to measure the commercial success of individual songs. Enjoy strolling back on memory lane with these music charts. Sometimes hearing a specific song can bring to back to a special time in your life. 


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Music Charting Definition:

chart (chärt)
1. A map showing coastlines, water depths, or other information of use to navigators.
2. An outline map on which specific information, such as scientific data, can be plotted.
3. A sheet presenting information in the form of graphs or tables.
5. A listing of best-selling recorded music or other items. Often used in the plural: A hit single that reached number 3 on the charts.
v. chart·ed, chart·ing, charts