Club Dance 80s Chart

80’s Decade of TOP 100 Club Dance Songs

The 1980’s was a monumental time for music. After the oftentimes boring and sometimes stagnant music scene of the previous decade, the 80’s was a refreshing time when all sorts of musical genres and acts would reach new heights, changing the face of music forever. The dawn of MTV and the video age, the new wave movement and the birth of rap and hip hop were three key events that would turn out to be instrumental in a new pop culture that would endure for years to come.

Though not as mainstream as new wave or rap, the dance music that came out of the 1980’s was a memorable mish mash of typical eighties sounds, with synthesizers, rhythm and blues and unusual themes. I feel fortunate to have lived my younger years during this time, as I many of these great songs hearken happy memories.

Here is a list of my top twenty favorite dance/club songs from the 1980’s. Of course there are many more, and for this list I decided to omit some of the great songs from the more popular artists of the decade such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Prince, Michael Jackson and others. Those artists all contributed wonderful songs to the genre as well, and maybe they’ll be examined at a later date. Hopefully some of these will bring back some happy memories of your own. Enjoy!


TOP 100 Club Songs 1980 – 1989