80s Party Ideas


80s Party Ideas and 80s Themed Ideas

80s Party Ideas: If you looking for 80s party ideas and 80s event ideas then your at the right place. I have some GREAT 80s Party Ideas for you!

We all loved the eighties! Who can forget all of the hair bands, leg warmers, jean jackets, and neon clothing and movies. The 80’s encompassed so many aspects of life and affected everything from music, fashion, politics, culture to sports and food. The 80s music had something for just about everyone.

80s party ideas can be found all over the web and typically when people seek out 80s party ideas they try and remember where they were in the 1980s and then eventually end on my site for more awesome 80s party ideas.

So if your looking for some 80’s party ideas and 80s event ideas for your upcoming 1980’s themed party I have some great 80s Party Ideas and 80s event ideas to assist you!


  • 80’s DJ:   First you need a TOTALLY AWESOME 80’s DJ to create the “Ultimate 80’s Dance Party Experience”! That DJ would be me your “80’s DJ Shawn”. Be sure to check out my experience and “Client Videos” to see the 80’s energy I can bring to your 80’s party.. 
  • COSTUME IDEAS:   I have some great costume leads for you that can assist you with some great “Costume Ideas”.
  • 80’s GAMES:   If you would like to have a totally interactive 80s party I have to great “80’s Games Ideas” to elevate the 80s energy of your 80s party.
  • 80’s NOVELTY:   What’s a 1980’s party without 80s Memorabilia, 80s Novelty Items and 80s Accessories to add to your 80s costume. The answer is naturally BORING! You got to accessorize your 80s costume and decorate 80s style to create a “TOTALLY AWESOME 80s ATMOSPHERE”. Don’t worry because I have some great “80s Novelty Ideas” for you!
  • 80’s INVITATIONS:   Inviting people to your 80’s party? I have some great leads for you for some great “80’s Invitations Ideas” for you. 


Here are some GREAT 80s Party Ideas and Themed Ideas


80’s Themed Wedding Celebration

80s wedding ideasA 1980s themed wedding is the ultimate in wedding themes. An 80’s themed wedding and reception is a great way to allow guests to break away from traditional weddings and remember the good things about the 80s decade while celebrating your good fortune!

If done correctly, your 80s wedding reception can capture the elegance of the 1980’s with a modern touch. Mostly, the event will provide fun and levity for all involved and will remind everyone that while it was a fun decade and create cherished memories for a lifetime. Click here for 80s Wedding Reception Ideas.


80’s Themed Corporate/Company Party’s

80s corporate party1980’s themed Corporate party’s are the ultimate way to celebrate successful corporate campaigns, corporate reached goals, holiday 80’s themed party’s, quarterly and year company party’s.

A eighties themed party is a totally awesome way to celebrate the employee’s hard work and a great stress reliever. Let me energize your next private party or corporate event. I have extensive experience in 80’s themed functions, business events, company VIP parties.


80’s Themed Birthday Party’s

80s corporate partyHave the Ultimate Birthday party experience by have a TOTALLY AWESOME 80’s themed birthday party. There’s no better way then to celebrate your birthday with the 1980’s decade of ultimate fum with 80’s music and 80’s fashion.

Encourage your guest come dressed in 1980’s costumes, decorate your 80s birthday party with totally awesome 80’s decorations and  don’t forget to have plenty of 80’s Candy such as “Pop Rocks” – “Nerds” – “Charms Pops” and “Sour Patch Gummy’s”. Click here for 80’s Costumes Ideas and here for 80s Novelty Ideas.


80’s Themed Anniversary Parties

80s corporate partyCelebrating your anniversary? Celebrate with an 80s anniversary party that will bring your special anniversary to life. The light-hearted, retro fun of a 1980s theme party evokes those days of incredible fun and will create memories for a lifetime.

Tell your guests to dress like their favorite 1980s pop culture couple – Han Solo and Leia, perhaps, Marty McFly’s parents, Adrian and Rocky, any pair from “The Breakfast Club” – or just go for the inimitable fashions of the excessively big hair era.