80s Trivia

 80s Trivia – Do You Know?

80s TRIVIA: For many, the 1980s were a decade to remember, in terms of music. Anything from New Wave to Pop to Rock dominated the airwaves then – and even now. The 80s were a great time for catchy songs and over-the-top sounds.

With this in mind, this 80s music trivia quiz is a celebration of that period. And with the 80s back in modern day fashion and music, this is also the perfect game for newcomers to that era. Bringing back some of the greatest memories of the 80’s. Test your TV, Movies and Sports knowledge from these 1980s decade.

80s party’s focusing on the 1980s are quite a bit of fun and you need ’80s themed party games for a perfect 1980s party event. Some games, such as a dance contest or Pictionary are great audience participation games played in the 80s. However for those who think they are brainiacs with trivia and have their factoids in order then 80s trivia is a must!

The great thing about the 1980s is that there was so much going on with music, politics, fashion and movies. Trivia is NOT just for the brainiacs, its for everyone because there was something for everyone to remember.

 Listed below are some trivia links to choose from. Have fun and let’s see how much you know 


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trivia |ˈtrivēə|
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details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value : we fill our days with meaningless trivia.
ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from modern Latin, plural of trivium ‘place where three roads meet,’ influenced in sense by trivial .