80s Movie Trivia

80s Movie Trivia

So you think you know your 80s Movie Trivia?

80s Movie Trivia: The decade of the 1980s tended to consolidate the gains made in the seventies rather than to initiate any new trends equal to the large number of disaster movies, buddy movies, or “rogue cop” movies that characterized the previous decade. Designed and packaged for mass audience appeal, few 80s films became what could be called ‘classics’.

The era was characterized by the introduction of ‘high-concept’ films – with cinematic plots that could be easily characterized by one or two sentences (25 words or less) – and therefore easily 80s Movie Triviamarketable and understandable. Producer Don Simpson (partnered with Jerry Bruckheimer) has been credited with the creation of the high-concept picture (or modern Hollywood blockbuster), although its roots could be seen in the late 70s (i.e., the prototypical Jaws (1975), Saturday Night Fever (1977), Star Wars (1977), Alien (1979) – known in high-concept terms as “Jaws in Space”). So do you think your an expert at 80s Movie Trivia?

Simpson was the first producer to understand and exploit the significance of MTV. His action-packed, loud, flashy, simplistic, and tightly-structured films brought crowds to the multiplexes every summer. His lowest common-denominator films reflected the MTV generation, such as in his debut film Flashdance (1983) – with its pop soundtrack and iconic ‘freeze-frame’ ending. Other successes followed in the 80s: Beverly Hills Cop (1984) with its ‘fish-out-of-water’ high concept, the sexy Thief of Hearts (1984), the high-flying Top Gun (1986) – the epitome of Simpson’s technique, and the stock-car racing film Days of Thunder (1990) again with Tom Cruise. By the end of the 80s era as a result, most films were not designed for ‘thinking’ adult audiences (such as Driving Miss Daisy (1989)), but were ‘low-brow’ for dumbed-down teen audiences looking for sheer entertainment value or thrills (for example, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), James Cameron’s Aliens (1986), or Die Hard (1988). 80s Movie Trivia can be more difficult then you think. 

Let’s see you you know your 80s Movies Trivia

There were 5 Elm Street movies made in the 80's
From a group of Lybian terrorists (they wanted him to make a nuclear bomb).
Because of the size of his...uh...his 'member'.
One of the brothers pretended to hang himself then knocked out the prison guard.
Dana Barrett (Sigorney Weaver)
Wanda is eaten by Kevin Kline's character
Steven Spielberg. Look for him at the end of the film in the office of the county assessor.