80s wedding ideas


80s wedding ideas

On this page you’ll find 80s weddings ideas to assist you with customizing your 80s Wedding special day! 


80s Themed Wedding Reception Ideas

80s weddings ideas: An 80’s Theme wedding party or reception is a fun way to remember the closest thing our generation. It will let you remember a time when things were certainly more innocent and also give your special day a unique flavor. Most of all, you will get to incorporate the largeness of the 80s decade in a way that will always remind you of big events on your lives long after the 80’s are relegated to nostalgia. 

Virtually everyone who was a teenager or adult during the 80s decade has fond memories of the 1980’s and many people are incorporating an 80’s Theme Wedding Reception as the undercurrent for their special day. Incorporating the 1980’s as part of your wedding or wedding party theme gives you a lot of leeway, from 80s hairstyles, 80s dress to the 80s music. The key is to mix the solemnity of the occasion with the fun of a decade and to create incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Finding 80s weddings ideas can be difficult however I hope to help you.

 80s Weddings Ideas

80s Themed Wedding Dress and Attire

As a professional DJ I’ve seen countless of 80s weddings and 80s wedding attire. Did you ever notice that later on in life, the many weddings you have attended all seem to blend together in your memory bank? If you really think about it, the traditional wedding with tuxedos and the big white dress is a theme now, in itself. Everyone does it. So if you really want to be different, you have to take a risk.

80s wedding ideasIf you remember the 80s and grew up in this crazy time, having a theme-based wedding set in the 80s can be, like, a totally awesome idea. This campy decade saw the rise of Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and even one-hit-wonders like Nu Shoes.

The easiest way to incorporate the 80’s into your wedding is through dress, hairstyles and music. Your options are virtually endless. 80s attire can be as simple as big shoulder pads and pumps for women and double-breasted suits with power ties for men. Big hair was the style of the day for women, while 80’s style men’s hair ranged from Wall Street slick to Flock of Seagulls style punk; either way, the makers of hair products scored big.

80s Themed Wedding Music

1980’s Music is perhaps the “Ultimate Party Music” on the planet of all decades. The 1980s saw the emergence of pop, dance music and New Wave, Metal and MixtapeGlam Rock. Think about it, 80s music is the most fun, light-hearted and expressive music that has further encouraged fashion, creativity and ultimate fun.

80’s dance music ranged from The Go Go’s, Madonna, and Duran Duran to Journey, ACDC and Van Halen. The choices are Wide, Wild and Fun and will liven up any 80s wedding reception. Check our my 1980’s Music Charts on my website to see how HUGE the 80’s music was.

80s Experienced DJ/MC

DJAnyone can throw on a songs and talk on the mic however having a DJ/MC that has the vast experience of  being a professional DJ/MC along with the experience of the 1980’s music, Night Clubs and Broadcast Radio is a HUGE plus! The same can be said about  having a experienced DJ with “Music Programming” (DJ) and “Master Of Ceremonies” (MC) can make or break your event! Remember, your putting “time and money” into your 80’s event, make sure you have the right entertainer. Be sure to check out my experience to learn why I am the “Ultimate 80’s Wedding DJ/MC”.

 Photo Booth and Disposable Cameras

Photo BoothDepending on your budget you should seriously consider booking a “photo booth” for your 80s wedding reception. Some photo booth company’s have various options for picture effects and picture print-outs.

Regardless I highly recommend that you buy disposable cameras with the flash option on them and put them on every table. This will allow your guests to capture the event in a more “real life” atmosphere and will let you build an incredible photo scrapbook that will remind you of your incredible reception.

80s Themed Novelty Decorations and 80s Party Favors

80s themed decorations for your wedding is a MUST have! You will want to make sure people feel like they’re in the 80s at your 80s wedding reception, so you will need party decorations and props from the 80s scattered around the room. 


80s Wedding Decoration Ideas



  • 80s POSTERS: Music and Movie  “Madonna, Michael Jackson” or 80s, movies like “Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles.
  • 80s Ballons: Metallic, neon, and black balloons and streamers.
  • Lace – String: Lace and long strings of beads. Metallic gossamer would look really cool.
  • Hang movie posters and album covers on the walls, and hang vinyl records from the ceiling.
  • Table centerpieces for 80s party ideas can be anything with silver tones or a dressed up fad item. Or, you can provide a more elegant atmosphere with a candle that has either a silver candle holder, or you can wrap some gaudy jewlery around it.
  • Glow sticks in a cup or glass as a centerpiece.

80S Novelty Icon Long Banner


80s Wedding Party Favor Ideas



  • 80s party favor ideas can include CD compilations of 80s music.
  • Neon colored hats.
  • Neon glow sticks and Necklace’s.
  • 80s albums or VHS tapes of movies.
  • Tom Cruise sunglasseses (from Risky Business)
  • 80s Candy: “Pop Rocks” – “Blow-Pops” – “Sour Patch” – “Air Heads” – Gummi Bears”

 —> At the bottom of this page I have some 80s novelty websites that I recommend for 80s decorations and 80s party favors. 


80s Themed Games and Contest

Having 80s games and contest are a wonderful way for fun and interaction. If you would like to incorporate games and contest in your event I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you have prizes to give out to the winners. Remember your hosting a party even though it’s a 80s wedding reception so you want to make sure that your winners  have something to remind them of that incredible celebration they had.

Here are some game – contest ideas for your 80s wedding celebration.

  • 1980’s Music Trivia
  • 1980’s Events Trivia
  • 1980’s Movie Trivia
  • Freeze Dance
  • Dance Contest. To Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”
  • Costume Contest
  • Lip-Syncing Contest to music
  • Air-Guitar Contest
  • Name the 80’s Movie Theme Contest
  • Rubik’s Cube Contest
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